How I Became a Watercolor Artist

The Beginning

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to draw and paint. Although I never thought about art in a serious way; it was just something that I did. I remember watching other people in high school draw and seeing some of their artwork. I could not fathom how they did it. Their creativity was something that fascinated me. I remember thinking “how could I do that?”

It was true that I had drawn and painted before but that was different. It was only for fun or for a class. I wasn’t really an artist. What I saw from my creative friends felt so different than what I did. It didn’t even cross my mind that I could be creative like them.

How I Started Learning

I became more interested in art and creativity. I picked up some pencils and tried to do some portraits. My first one turned out too dark so I tried again. Better. Surprisingly good. Maybe I could do this. Maybe I really was an artist.

Drawing over the summer brought me to the following year where I tried to take 4 AP (advanced placement) classes. I found myself in AP Calculus completely lost. After a few weeks and the beginning of a terrible grade with no clue of what I was doing, I dropped out. I had to fill the time with something and lucky for me there was an opening in art class that same period. So that’s what I did. Calculus lead me to art. And it was this art class that showed me what I was capable of doing. From drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting it showed me that I could be good at something if I put my mind to it.

Watercolor art of a sea turtle. Watercolor painting done by Angela (Paintybee).
Sea Turtle done in Watercolor 20 x 14 in

I wish I could say that I went on to study at some fancy art school, maybe in a different time I would have, but that wasn’t for me. Everything I know is self taught and helped along from resources I could find online. I took one community college art class, that’s it.

Watercolor is My Passion

Out of all the different artistic mediums watercolor art has interested me the most. Pencils and paper is what I started with but watercolor is what I work with most often. I love the intricacy of it; how water is as much a tool as the paint if not more. It can be a tricky subject to learn and I love being able to do things with watercolor that is uncommon to find. I admire loose styles of watercolor but I love being super detailed with it just like someone would be with oil or acrylic. The layers in watercolor can bring so much life to a painting.

If watercolor fascinates you whether it be because you are looking to find something beautiful for your home, or a special gift; or if you want to learn some watercolor techniques, or you just want to look at some nice art, then you have come to the right place.